Sunday, July 8, 2018

All Things New...

Hello!!!  Many of you who follow me here, love money saving as I do.  You also know I have not been posting on this blog for about five year.  I just wanted to give a little update. I have a brand new blog where I will combine my love for family, faith, and money saving here in Arizona!

You can now find me at  Please hop on over and follow my upcoming journey!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Adventures!

     As many of you know, at the beginning of this year, my hubby was offered a great job requiring us to move to the Seattle area.  After lots of praying and many tears, we decided taking the job and moving would be the right decision for us.  So here we are, five months later, living in the South Puget Sound area.  I have struggled since the move with how to handle this blog.  I am no longer Surviving in Arizona, but I have had a hard time letting go of my Arizona life.
     This week, I decided it was time to embrace the "New Adventures" God has placed before us and part of that is signing off of this blog.  So, this will be my last post on Surviving This Arizona Economy.  I started this blog while we were in the midst of job loss and I felt there were a great many people who were in the boat with us.  I thought it would be great to write about all the ways I learned to save money.  Although our job situation has changed greatly, we are still picking up the pieces four years of financial turmoil caused and I still LOVE to save money on everything!
     Over the last four years, I have learned A WHOLE LOT about how to get the things we want and need for much less than "ticket price" and I do not want to stop sharing tips, discounts and little quips about life here at Mayhem Manor (I decided to name our house a few years ago and this fit perfectly)!  I feel like the "Surviving" time of our life has ended (for the moment) and moving on to new things is a good step, so, I would love for you to follow me over to my new blog, Sound Savvy Mom.  At Sound Savvy Mom, I will share deals and discounts for both my Arizona friends and my new friends in the South Sound area!  I sure hope you will hop on over and follow me there!
     Thank you so much for all of your love and support and encouragement over the years!  You are a great bunch of readers and I look forward to hearing hearing from you soon!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spicey Savings

     I was excited last week to make a great discovery.  Spices in the Winco, Bulk Foods area!!  Now this may not sound like a super exciting find to everyone, however, I have said many times, saving little bits of money here and there is what really begins to make a difference on your bottom line.  Spices have always annoyed me.  You spend $5.00 and get 2 oz...that is $40 per lb.  We would not pay that for anything! 
    When we moved to Washington, we were not allowed to bring any food with us, so I am starting with no spices once again.  It can be a huge expense to restock your spice shelf.  To my surprise, the spices in the Winco bulk section are very, very well priced and they have a whole shelf of various spices.  The best part?  The average cost for 2 oz was $0.25.  Yes, you read that right, twenty-five cents for 2 oz!  I bought garlic powder, rosemary, tumric, oregano, crushed red pepper, thyme and a few others and spent $1.18.  CRAZY!  That comes to only $2 per pound.  That is a 95% savings!

     The only downside is you have to put the spices in little baggies instead of those fancy jars.  They do sell little spice jars for $0.99 each. I will probably start picking up one on each visit or, you can just refill the empty spice jars you have, as I did with my garlic powder. Go check it out today!