Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spicey Savings

     I was excited last week to make a great discovery.  Spices in the Winco, Bulk Foods area!!  Now this may not sound like a super exciting find to everyone, however, I have said many times, saving little bits of money here and there is what really begins to make a difference on your bottom line.  Spices have always annoyed me.  You spend $5.00 and get 2 oz...that is $40 per lb.  We would not pay that for anything! 
    When we moved to Washington, we were not allowed to bring any food with us, so I am starting with no spices once again.  It can be a huge expense to restock your spice shelf.  To my surprise, the spices in the Winco bulk section are very, very well priced and they have a whole shelf of various spices.  The best part?  The average cost for 2 oz was $0.25.  Yes, you read that right, twenty-five cents for 2 oz!  I bought garlic powder, rosemary, tumric, oregano, crushed red pepper, thyme and a few others and spent $1.18.  CRAZY!  That comes to only $2 per pound.  That is a 95% savings!

     The only downside is you have to put the spices in little baggies instead of those fancy jars.  They do sell little spice jars for $0.99 each. I will probably start picking up one on each visit or, you can just refill the empty spice jars you have, as I did with my garlic powder. Go check it out today!

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  1. This is a much better way to buy spices especially if the contents of the bin are fresh.