Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DaGeDar® Star Wars®

     Hey everyone, we were fortunate enough to be chosen, to try a grea,t new toy called, DaGeDar®Star Wars® and we want to share it with you!  Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhuPets and the original DaGeDar have created an exciting new line, combining the excitement of DaGeDar with Star Wars.  What kid is not going to love this??  
     The DaGeDar®Star Wars® Racers are each a Star Wars character and when placed on the special Decoder, using RFID Technology, players can experience BOTH authentic Star Wars sounds, AND special animated videos!  There is a great track where kids can race someone with the Force against someone from the Darkside to see who wins.  My seven year old, J, and his cousin, B, can not get enough!  They absolutely love the characters and the sounds they make and race over and over to see who is going to win!
     The DaGeDar®Star Wars® line is not out in full force just yet.  However, I have two Dag Racers and a Decoder to give away to one lucky reader.  Also, ToysRUs has been given a limited amount of product here in the Phoenix area ahead of the release.  There will be themed track sets, audio and video decoders, special accessories, collector carrying cases, and of course, 100 collectable Dag Racer characters.  You can see our giveaway below.

     If you would like to be entered to win this Decoder, and two Dag Racers, Anakin and Darth Maul, just leave a comment on this post.  Tell me which Star Wars character is your little guy's favorite!  I will be doing the drawing Saturday morning, so make sure to check back and see if you are the winner!  I will need your mailing address if you are the winner!


  1. Dominic loves the stormtroopers because he thinks soldiers are cool. And in his mind, they are soldiers.

  2. my grandson likes the Jawas because they sound funny and their eyes look like lights Janene Mitchell

  3. Darth Maul is my Grandson's favorite. We did not realize these were only available in Phoenix. We live in Iowa and this is the only thing he wants for Easter. ToysRUs.com is already out of some stuff. Dottie Dobbins Sigourney, Iowa