Friday, July 8, 2011

Coupon Chief

     Good morning!  I thought this morning we would explore another piece of the couponing puzzle before my last post on clearance.  I rarely shop for anything, anywhere, without a coupon.  I buy our clothes, household goods, etc with coupons.  Just yesterday we were at a store and my five year old wanted something and said in a irritated tone, "Oh, I know, we don't have a coupon."  He rolled his eyes as well and cracked me up!  He is right however, before we leave to go shopping, I always get online and look for coupons, either for items or stores. 
     This is also true for online shopping.  Starting now, I begin watching online deals for Christmas and the crazy amount of birthdays we have coming up, but I certainly will not settle just for a sale, I search exhaustively for coupon codes to be used on those online purchases as well.  Recently, I was introduced to a new site that makes that searching much easier.  The site is www.couponchief.comCoupon Chief is a great, FREE site that lists over 50 thousand coupons for over 1500 stores!  Anytime I find something online or in my email that I may want to purchase online, instead of going to Google and searching for coupon codes, I can now go to Coupon Chief and do a quick search of the store.  I really love this site because it is incredibly user friendly.  I am able to use the database to search for an item, such as "shoes" and see all the coupon codes available, or I can search for a store, such as "Amazon".
After I enter my search item, I am shown a whole list of coupon codes I can use for my shopping adventure!  Anything from dollars off to free anywhere from Old Navy to Auto Parts Warehouse.
     One great feature of Coupon Chief is the Pays-2-Share feature.  All members can enter coupon codes they have found and when people use those codes to make purchases, the members will earn 2% of the sales up to $25 per month, per participating store.  Another cool feature is when you sign up (which is free), you can set up a profile with your favorite stores and Coupon Chief will send you an email when your stores have new coupon codes listed.  That is incredible, I will not miss one more coupon for Old Navy!  
     The last thing I think is really impressive, is the Coupons-4-Causes aspect of Coupon Chief.  Just use of Coupon Chief's coupons for your online purchases, and they will donate up to20% of the purchase to your favorite charity.  You can search for charities by name or location.  The only thing I wish Coupon Chief had is links to printable store coupons.  I tend to do more shopping in person than online, but I will definitely be using Coupon Chief on a regular basis.  Click one of my links and check it out!  It sure makes online coupon finding much, much easier...and time saved always equals money saved!

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