Friday, July 29, 2011

Save On College Textbooks

     Along with July ending, it is time to gear up for college classes again!  One of the most irritating expenses of college are those textbooks.  I hated College Algebra and it there was nothing worse than paying $135 for the lovely little book that gave me all that homework.  Luckily, college students today have some options.  My new favorite option was introduced to me by my sister, E, a few semesters ago. 
     There is a company called CHEGG that rents textbooks for one third of the cost.  Mike has been in school the last couple of years and we have been pleased to find most of his books for between $20 and $40 per book.  We just go online, look up his books, make the payment and they mail us the books.  They come in a nice, little, bright, orange box with a return mailing label.  We keep the books until the end of the semester and then send them back.  No more waiting in line to sell them back and getting mad because they are giving us $.10 for the book they are going to sell for $80.  If you are in school or have a child in college, check out Chegg today!  Just one more way to Survive This Economy!

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