Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saving Dimes With Dish Soap

     As you know, I am always looking for little ways to save money.  I firmly believe that finding all the little ways we can save are what really make a difference.  I have said it before, we know money leaks out of our budget on little things, so the concept must work in reverse.  A foaming dish soap pump, will do just that...put a little bit of money back in your wallet.
    I bought mine on a really great sale (with coupons of course) about two years ago.  I bought the Dawn Direct Foam pump and I just keep refilling it.  It does not matter which dish soap I use in it, I fill the bottle with 1/3 dish soap and the rest with warm water.  I usually only need to refill it once every two weeks and the big bottle of dish soap under my sink lasts a few months.  I find that it works great and I never feel like I need more soap.  The only thing I use the regular bottle on is when I am filling up the sink to wash dishes by hand.

     With the cost of dish soap at around $3 a bottle and average usage is one bottle per month, I figure I am saving $2 a month.  Well, I usually get my dish soap for $1 for the big bottle or free per small bottle using coupons and watching sales.  So that means I am only paying $.33 or $0 a month for dish soap...I love saving money on necessities!  So, all in all, I could be saving $2-$3 per month on dish soap...that could be $36 per year!  Not bad for something as small as dish soap!

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