Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not A Present In Sight!

     Well, here we are, 12 days away from Christmas and I have not bought a single present.  Yes, you read that right...not ONE present!  One of the things I have found since going through such long term unemployment is that I have a terrible time making decisions on what to buy when I actually get to go buy something.  I think sometimes my husband wants to leave me in the store when we are shopping.  It is crazy, I get really anxious and pick something up and put it down and walk away and walk back and then put it down and leave with nothing! 
     So...I find myself here, with only 12 days, three kids and everyone else to buy presents for.  I had plans to be finished with everything by now, but I have had enough distractions to use as excuses for not shopping...but is because I have no idea what to shop for.  I looked at our Christmas tree today and realized it is probably a sad sight for my gifts to wonder over, nothing to shake and guess at...guess it is time to get busy!

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