Saturday, December 1, 2012

Circus Americana Part 1 - Adoption

     While perusing my email a few days ago, I came upon an invitation to the "Media Premiere" for Circus Americana, featuring the Taylor Circus Stars, who happen to be a family from right here in Arizona.  They are from Gilbert and have started their own circus (I will give you more information in the next post).
     At first I was just totally excited to be invited to the Circus Americana at the Herberger Theater...I mean really, I just received a "Media Premiere" invite???  Exciting!  However, in the fact sheet attached to my email, I read the best thing I think I have ever read in my life!  The fact sheet had some bullet points, telling me about the family and about halfway down after describing some of the talents the members of the family bring to the show, there is a line that says:

Two of the Taylor children were adopted but the Taylors have forgotten which two.

     I don't think I have EVER heard an adoptive family say it quite this way!  Now hear me out, I am not criticizing adoptive parents in any way.  I think that adopting is absolutely wonderful!  What made me excited about this statement is, I usually hear something like, "oh we have two of our own and we adopted two."  Can you feel the difference in the two statements?  It touched my heart in a big way!  Stay tuned for more on this upcoming show, it is just one more way to support Arizona!

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