Wednesday, May 4, 2011


     Hello, hello!!  I hope your day is wonderful!  Mine has been quite nice, despite the title of this blog.  I was just driving home from taking child number two to school and felt sick.  I know it is not a huge deal, but the kids' school is about six miles away from home...and I have to make the drive three times each day.  Anyway, I was on my way home and passed QT, one of my favorite places to get gas, and noticed that the lowest priced gas is now $3.77 per gallon here in Phoenix.  Yikes!!  My van has a 22 gallon tank and is not the most efficient gas user.
     Our budget affords me $35 per week for gas in the van.  I was happy when that was getting me 1/2 a tank.  That would take the kids back and forth everyday and get us to church.  Now, however, that same $35 is not getting me 1/2 a tank.  However, just last week (after some prayer about how God was going to take care of this latest challenge), another parent and I worked out a carpooling arrangement.  Her daughter is in my daughter's class and they only live 1/2 mile up the road, right on the way to school.  So, I take the kids in the morning to school, still take #2 at 12:30 p.m., but now she brings them all home.  That just cut my 15 trips to the school a week to 10!  Yippie!!!
     My challenge to you?  Is there any time you can carpool?  It does not have to be everyday, part of Surviving This AZ Economy is looking for all the little thingsm because all those little things add up.  I am not going to save $100 a week on gas, but I might save $15, which comes to $60 a month!  Can you cut your trips down by one or two a week?  Talk to the people you work with, other parents, friends at church, do you live close enough to work out a carpool, no matter how much or little it is?  At this point, gas is just going to go up.  Let me know what you come up with!

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