Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun Way to Get Freebies!

     Besides couponing, one of my favorite things to do is get free things in the mail and when those free things come with coupons, there is a party in my house!!  A few years ago, my cousin over at A Frugal Life introduced me to the idea of product marketing when she talked about the ever popular House Party.  My cousin had been sent a box from House Party with products and coupons for Hershey's Bliss candy because she said she would host a "house party" with friends and family and let them all eat the candy and give them the coupons and then post online about it.  So I decided to check it out.  I applied for all the House Parties I could and got one!!  It was not as cool as the chocolate, but I did receive green cleaners, coupons for free products and had eight people come over and have some fun.  I was hooked!!
     I began searching for other ways to get products for free, share the products and coupons and write my reviews.  It was a slow start, but now three years later, I get boxes in my email almost weekly.  In April, I received the following: Five tickets to Disney on Ice, New Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation, new NatureLuxe Lipgloss, Children's Chewable Claritin and Liquid Claritin, bottles of Tresemme Color Shampoo and Conditioner (all full size).  A new toy called FyrFlyz (4 of them), DaGeDar Track, five DaGeDar Cases and 15 DaGeDar Supercharged Ball Bearings.  The most exciting thing I received was a FlipCam...yes, I said it, a FlipCam...for free!  One of the companies wanted videos posted of us using the free item, therefore sent the camera.  Crazy...$129 camera just for a little of my time.  I also may be receiving a $20 Toys R Us gift certificate for posting my video early!!  Wowie!

     If you want to get started, the easiest place to start is a company call BzzAgent.  You have to fill out a bunch of surveys and within a couple of weeks you will start getting invitations to Bzz Campaigns.  You will have to write reviews of the products, give out coupons, post on Facebook, Twitter, etc about the products (the more you do, the more you get), but all the freebies are sure fun!!  I also get points on MyPoints for every activity I complete.  I will eventually be able to cash those points in for rewards.  So Cool!!  Check it out today!

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