Wednesday, May 25, 2011


    Have you heard of Groupon?  What a brilliant idea and a great way for us to save money!  With so many people who have been affected by the state of our economy in some way, Groupon is a great resource for entertainment.  Groupon was started in 1998 and 13 years later is thriving in 500 markets and 44 countries.  Groupon is a website you can subscribe to for free.  The website features great, daily deals for various businesses in your city.  Here in Phoenix, I have seen restaurant deals, shopping deals, pumpkin farm deals, spa deals, yoga deals, cabin deals, and just this weekend my mom purchased a Groupon for her favorite crafting shop.  She bought $20 worth of supplies or classes for $10...what a deal?! 
   Groupon uses collective buying power to bargain with business by committing a certain number of customers to the company in exchange for a deep discount.  The website will send you a daily email listing the daily deal and you have the option to buy it right then.  You do not have to use the Groupon that day, but will be sent an email with the details of how to redeem your purchase.  Signing up for the emails does not require a commitment, so do not wait, you may find your new, favorite restaurant on Groupon!

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