Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh What A Week!

    Hello, hello!  I am sure you thought I disappeared, but man oh man we have had a tough couple of weeks.  It started with a leak in our house and ended with having my appendix removed!  Last Wednesday night I started having pain in my abdomen and thought it was probably the stomach flu that my two youngest had in between the leak and surgery.  However, I woke up from, my mattress on the living room floor (due to the leak), at 4:45 a.m. Thursday morning, in a great deal of pain that was mostly on my right side and seemed to come from one specific area.  I woke Mike from his restful sleep on the couch and told him I was headed to the ER.

     Things moved pretty quickly once I arrived at Banner Thunderbird.  The lobby was empty (always a good sign) and within about 40 minutes I was in a room.  I looked up at the whiteboard in my room and see my doctor used to be the boy I had a serious crush on at church, all through elementary school and junior high.  Lovely, I think..."what if he has to do a pelvic exam?"
     I must say, everyone at Banner Thunderbird was so good to me.  They were attentive, informative and caring, gave lots of that wonderful morphine and even my interaction with the doctor was painless and pelvic exam free!  By 11:15 a.m., the doctor came in and told me they were taking me to surgery because my appendix was infected and inflamed.  I admit, I felt a little panicky...I drove myself to the hospital, Mike was home with our three kids and everyone else was at work.  I really thought, "Oh goodness, if something goes wrong in surgery, I haven't even seen anyone."  Needless to say, everything in surgery went well.  Recovery is a little harder than I anticipated, but every day I am closer to being healed and I wanted you to know that I have not left the blog and I am still thinking about saving money!

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  1. Did you have a coupon for the surgery :) Seriously though, so glad you are okay!