Wednesday, June 1, 2011


      I do not often get excited about new toys...they usually mean more mess!  However, we received a really great new toy called FyrFlyz to try out and blog about!  The kids have been going crazy to try them and due to all our craziness the last couple of weeks, we did not get them out until tonight.  
     FyrFlyz are a simple, new toy with LED lights and rubber bands, but they were a huge hit with my kids.  They are currently at Toys R Us and cost $9.99.  Not bad for a great toy that will keep the kids busy for hours.  I cannot wait to have these out on the Fourth of much easier than sparklers!  You can check out a video of the kids and Mike playing with the new toys here!  I am giving FyrFlyz  away to one of my faithful followers!  To be entered in the drawing, just become a follower (unless you already are) and comment on this post!  I will draw the winner on Monday, June 6th!


  1. Elijah would probably love something like that!

  2. Wow, that's a cool toy. How did you make the video? camcorder? I love to hear the kids they sound so cute. Love in the Lord my friend.