Friday, March 30, 2012

Taming the Calendar

     I just love Fridays, do you?  There is such a relief to know that another week is completed and we accomplished all that needed to be done.  Even if we were somewhat crazy each night trying to hold it all together.  I am speaking strictly from my own personal level of craziness throughout the week of course, but I am sure a few of you can relate!
    Just this week, however, I reacquainted myself with an online too I hoped would help.  Much to my surprise, the Cozi Family Calendar has been updated and so far seems like it will be just what we need to find a little sanity for this mom!  The Cozi Family Calendar is a free online calendar, menu planner, to do and shopping list maker.   I know, I know, one more thing to look at and think about, however, there are some really useful features and I feel they will truly help me to organize and simplify.
      Today I will highlight the calendar feature. The calendar gives each person in your household their own color, so when individual members have something on the calendar, it is color coded, therefore easy to manage each person's schedule.  Next, there is a specific color that applies to the family as a unit.  So if you are scheduling an event the entire family will be attending, that also is easy to spot.  the exciting part is now Cozi is now compatible with many other calendars and has apps for your cell phone and tablet, as well as an outlook toolbar and desktop gadget, so everyone in the family can have access wherever they will use it most.

Here is a snapshot of my calendar.  As you can see, our "All" appointments are designated with an orange circle.  My appointments are designated with a red circle and the rest of the family has their own colors.  
I can also click on an appointment and see the details.

      Mike and I have a hard time communicating about schedule for some reason and always end up irritated or just over-scheduled, so now, he has the app on his phone and I have the gadget on my computer.  Each day, we are sent reminders and are able to see what the whole family is doing.  I am ready now to show our 10 year old how to enter the things she has going on!  I am foreseeing weeks ahead without the chaos of miscommunication, missed deadlines, last minute projects and 42 things happening at once!  Best feature?  By being the wonderful cost of $0, Cozi is definitely a tool that is helping us to THRIVE in this economy. Click on any of the links above and check it out and come back tomorrow for my review of the amazing Menu Planning feature!


  1. Hi Erin, This is Carol from Cozi. We are delighted that the calendar and meal planning tools are working for your family, and that you shared it with your readers. Thank you!

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