Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cozi Menu Planning

     Happy Saturday!  I promised I would be back with a review of the Cozi Menu Planner, so let's just dive right in.  One of the things I have been struggling with lately is menu planning and grocery shopping.  I know, you are wondering how a magnificent couponer like myself could be struggling in this area, but I am!  Now that my kids are all getting bigger, we are going through food very quickly and it seems like every time I start to make a meal, I am missing a key ingredient, which causes me to give up and walk out of the kitchen with no dinner!  The Cozi menu planner appears very promising for me and my issues.
     The Cozi Menu feature is really exciting me for a number of reasons.  First, the Menu planner has a recipe box where I can enter all my favorite recipes, they are stored and listed alphabetically.  I can also adjust ingredients and make any notes I want to remember about a particular recipe. As I sit down to plan my menu, I am able to click on the recipe I want and drag it to the day I choose.  After I drag over all my recipes, I can choose to add those recipes to my Shopping List.  Cozi populates all the ingredients in the recipe right to my grocery list!  I can then go through my cupboards and see what I already have and remove those items from the list.  Voila!!  In a matter of minutes, I have a menu for the week or the month and a complete grocery list.  The best part?  I can send the list to my phone, or better yet, to Mike's phone for the grocery shopping adventure!  No more missing items from my cupboards when I start to cook dinner!  Check out the pictures below to see the menu and the lists.  Then, go to the Cozi website and try it for yourself!

Here is the calendar view.  On the right you can see the recipes I have added.  I just have to click on one and drag it to the day of my choice.

Here is a view of the grocery list.  You can add and remove items individually.

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