Tuesday, April 26, 2011


     Nine years ago, shortly after having my first baby, I quickly became aware of how difficult the whole childcare issue can be, and I am just talking date night.  It seems there are never enough babysitters for date nights and often, once you find a good one, you realize that date night just got more expensive.  I try to pay well for the care of my little ones, after all, I made all my money up to the age of 16 by babysitting.  Heck, I still make my money babysitting.  I know what an important job it is!  When Mike and I go out, we have to pay $40 to go to the movies and then another $20 at least for babysitting.  Yikes!  Needless to say, we do not go out much.
     I had a great idea two years ago that I have yet to act upon, but maybe some of you will be more proactive than I am.  My thought was to find another couple and swap babysitting.  One Friday night each month, their kids could come to our house while their parents went out and one Friday night each month, our kids would go to their house while we go out.  Brilliant right??  Mike and I would be guaranteed one date night each month.  To tell the truth, I usually get free movie tickets by collecting Coke Reward Points and we always use our Harkins Cups and Shirts for $1 drinks and free popcorn.  This would make a very inexpensive date night indeed!
     The beautiful thing about this idea is it could work for those of you with part time jobs as well.  Do you know another mom who also works part time?  Maybe your shifts would work for a swap.  That would certainly make your part time income go a great deal farther!  Let me know if you come up with a great swap!

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. If you know alot of parents with kids, you could even start a babysitting co-op.