Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Couponing Hard?

     Good morning my friends!  It is so lovely here in Phoenix today, rainy, breezy and absolute favorite kind of day.  I know many of you are intrigued by couponing and with the popularity of it currently, many people wonder if it is something they could do.  I came across this video made by the company I use to do my couponing and think it is a great example of the process I use.  Why I love Coupon$ense is because it really makes using coupons less time consuming and less overwhelming.

You can try Coupon$ense the first month for $4, just follow these instructions!

Go to
Click on Sign Up Now in the upper right hand corner
Scroll down to the heading Sign Up Today
Enter your zip code
Enter Promo Code: SURVIVE (use the caps)
Enter your email address
Referred to Coupon Sense?  Select Friend
In the drop down box enter my name Erin Rathier (unless someone else has referred you)
Click Sign Up
On the billing page, fill in all the necessary information

Click Next
Check the box next to I understand the terms of my Coupon Sense subscription
Click Finish
Your transaction will process; when it says print this page for your records click OK
Now you are ready to save BIG at the store!

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