Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WinCo Tips

     So, I promised I would share a few things that will help make your WinCo shopping experience a good one!  This will short and sweet and to the point.
  1. The store does not put out a weekly ad, they choose not to so they can pass on more savings to us.  However, there are special prices every week.  In the store, there are signs telling us the prices.  Everyday prices are marked on yellow signs and special sales are marked on green signs to make them easy to spot.
  2. When you first walk into the store, you will encounter the "Wall Of Savings" highlights Extra Savings and Price Shockers. These are also located on pallet displays between produce and bulk foods, and the ends of our grocery aisles. These areas are stocked with some of the best deals in town!
  3. WinCo does take manufacturer coupons at face value.  
  4. You will need to bag your own groceries, however, if you bring your own bags, you will received a $.06 credit for each bag!
  5. You can even go here for a map of the store...it is big and busy, so being prepared will be helpful.
Let me know how your shopping trip goes!  I would love to hear about all your deals and savings!

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