Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kids Clothes, kids clothes and more kids clothes!

     Well, here in Phoenix, it is time to go through the kids closets yet again.  Going through drawers brings to mind the first time kids clothes came into my house.  I had just come home from a very exciting baby shower at church just before my first child was born.  I was so excited to show Mike all the wonderful baby clothes.  I loved washing, drying and folding all those pretty little outfits.  However, I quickly discovered that my sweet little baby would not stay in them very long.  Since the day she was born, she has been growing "like a weed" (I finally understood what that mean)t. 
     Since that first pile of clothes, thousands of dollars of children's clothing has passed through my house and it is getting harder to keep up with my three kids.  They each grew 5.5 inches last year and just since the end of January, another inch.  Needless to say, children's clothes and shoes can easily destroy our budget.
     Thankfully, I found a great place called Kid to Kid.  It is a second hand kids store and I love it!!  It is very clean, they only take items in good repair and there is a large selection kids clothes, toys, and other necessities.  They will also take your used items and give you store credit or cash.  Kid to Kid has saved us on many occasions.  You can find a location close to you at http://www.kidtokid.com/, I urge you to check it out!
    Just last week one of my dear friends from high school shared with me a really neat website http://www.thredup.com/.  Thred Up is another great resource for used children's clothes.  It is an online, children's, clothing exchange where you can search by size and gender.  You purchase a small box of clothes for $5 plus shipping.  You can also pack up your kid's clothes in one of the approved boxes and sell the what you no longer need.  It is definately worth checking out if you have children!  One more way to save a little money, expecially when kids outgrow clothes as fast as you can buy them!


  1. Can I also recommend Just Between Friends. I wanted to do it last year but didn't. They have semi-annual sales here in the Valley and if you sign up on there website you receive emails. You can buy or sell and make more than at Kid to Kid. You can check them out at www.jbfsale.com

  2. Jessica I love it!! Great addition to the savings!

  3. Love Kid to Kid. Sold some of Maddie's carriers and shoes last week and received $69 in store credit!