Saturday, March 19, 2011

More E-Coupons!

     Good morning and Happy Saturday!!  One thing I love in life and may be a little obsessive about, is finding deals.  I really cannot stand to pay full price for things.  As I have already mentioned, one area I am diligent about saving money is the grocery store.  I told you about the e-coupons you can load to your shopper's cards from the store websites, but there are two others I use regularly.  These sites do the same thing, they load the coupons directly to the store cards you register with them.  On each of the sites, you have the option to print a list of your coupons, but I never do...I just like the surprise savings at the end of my grocery trips!  The two websites are and
     I want to give you a few tips where using e-coupons or printing coupons is concerned.  First, if you use a great deal of paper coupons, you may want to forego the e-coupons.  Fry's and Safeway will not "stack" (allow you to use both on one item) e-coupons and paper coupons.  Fry's previously allowed this, but as of 3/10/11 have a new policy.  If you have both coupons, the e-coupon will come off first and they will not take your paper coupon.  However, the paper coupon is usually worth more because Fry's doubles paper coupons.  Also, for many of the sites I will lead you to, you will have to register...well, if you are anything like me, you do not want a whole bunch of advertising emails going to your inbox.  I created an email address on Yahoo that is strictly for all those sites I go to that want me to register.  I look through that box everyday to see what great coupons I have, but my personal email is not bombarded with it all.  Lastly, if you take the coupon journey with me, I will direct you to many coupons that need to be printed, if you go to your printer properties and change the quality to "draft", you will save ink and money in the printing of coupons and they will still work in the store.
     In two weeks I will become a Couponsense Instructor.  Couponsense is the website I use that has helped me cut my grocery bill from around $700 per month to around $300 and stock my shelves and freezer with tons of food.  If you are interested in couponing and saving some serious money, I will be happy to teach you...whether you are in Arizona, California or Washington, I am just asking that you be patient and wait until April 1st, when you can join the site under my name (this helps me).  If you want to do something to start preparing, I would suggest you get 1 or 2 Sunday papers each week and take the coupon inserts out and set them aside.  This will help you start your couponing off with a bang.  God bless your day!


  1. This crazy stuff works..... last night the bill was $204 and we walked out paying $47... and that was just at 1 store.

  2. I am so eager to try this coupon thing.......