Friday, March 25, 2011

Organization - Who Me???

     Has anyone ever paid late fees at the library, on rental movies, to a bill because you forgot to pay it?  Have you bought things you knew you already had at home, but just couldn't find?  Have you gone out to eat because nothing was thawed out for dinner?  I scored a 5 out of 5 on that test...I am pretty sure I am not the only one with these problems, but I have come to find out that being disorganized is one of the easiest ways to let money leak out of your budget.  Besides that, being disorganized makes me feel like a loser. 
     Just yesterday, my disorganization took over my day and caused me to spend money I really did not want to spend.  I have not been very good at keeping up the family calendar, I try to keep everything organized in my head.  That works ok until I have a day where there are so many things I cannot keep them all straight.  Yesterday was that kind of day...8:30 Take Maddy to school, 9:30 pick Grandma up for 10 a.m. dr's appt, 10 a.m. Mike and Jonah get haircut, 10:50 Jonah to school, 12:20 pick kids up from school, 1:15 my dr's appt, 4:30 p.m., two parent teacher conferences...oh and leaving the last conference, Mike remembers Jonah has basketball practice at 6:30 and Mike has school at 6:40...ahhhh!  Because we left the conference at 5:30 and the school is about 13 minutes away, I had no dinner for the kids.  Even though I have sworn off fast food, I did not know what else to do, so we drove through McD and I got one 20 piece nuggets and that was it...$5.36 and I was so disappointed (Mike and I ate at home much later).
     Although I got away with just a little bit of money leaking out this time, it was disappointing because since Tuesday, I have avoided every temptation to just "stop and get something quick".  Just a little organization would have helped me.  I would not have scheduled my dr's appt, we would not have scheduled haircuts and dinner would have been planned before we left for conferences.  Needless to say, today I will be sitting down with my calendar and making sure it is updated fully.  We will be consulting the calendar before making any more commitments and I will make sure to plan my dinners early in the day with all things considered.  What area could you organize more fully that would help you save money?  Work on it this weekend and let me know what you find!  Look for another post later today on will not want to miss it!

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